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I’m loving these chains that are popping up in and around London. Burger and Lobster is one of my favourites and for a flat rate of £20 you can get either a steamed or grilled lobster or a perfectly cooked burger. For me it’s always a steamed lobster, and this is so good in fact…

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This week has been a fun week. I had drinks in the city with two good friends at The Breakfast Club which has a secret bar through a fridge door which confused my mind but they sold yummy cocktails my favourite being the Yellow Bellied Scotsman a whisky based champagne cocktail. I also had delicious pizza…

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I recently was part of a really sad conversation amongst some close friends. They were chatting about another friends weight, discussing that they thought that she had put on weight and that she looked bigger. I said, to try and squash the conversation, “do you notice these things?, I really don’t with my friends” but…

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First of all, let me just ask, did everyone see the Body Coach (Joe) on Sunday Brunch, didn’t he do amazingly and looked gorgeous too? If not you should be able to watch it on 4oD and check him out talking about healthy fats. Back to my graduation, I’m so happy to have completed this….

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I have been off the radar recently, and thats because of some very exciting news on the work front so apologies but I wanted to check in and show you all my end of cycle 2 results and breakdown. Cycle two has been hard, the exercise for me was not the hard part, that was…

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This week has been better for me, after prepping last Sunday it has made eating during the week a lot easier. The exercise this week has also gone well, and I’m not in as much pain as I was the first week. In fact working out is my favourite part of the plan. I’m still…

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Okay, so first of all, Happy New Year! and to anyone who has signed up to the plan in the last couple of weeks that I have started doing this, well done to you. You are going to start seeing changes really soon. As you may (or may not) remember this week also had New…

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Here is my week two update on the Body Coach system and it’s been an odd week. I have been really good, usually on other plans I would have Christmas day on site and be naughty a few days before, but this time I was really good and I found the will power to stick…