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To finish Summer Body Week, I want to talk to you about something close to my heart, tanning and sun protection. I have always been sun safety conscious. My mum taught me from a very young age to stay out of the midday sun and to protect my skin. I was always wearing a hat and in fact I’m more aware than my paler skinned friends. It is imortant to understand that whatever your skin colour is you need to be safe with the sun. Your skin is getting darker (tanning) because it is protecting itself from the sun!

Since having my children I have been extra careful with the sun protection.  They never really play in midday sun (between 11:30 and 2:30) unless there is some kind of shaded area, they wear very high SPF covering broad spetrum  UVA + UVB and they wear hats and sun glasses. Now this isn’t me being neurotic, I’m aware we all need sunlight for Vitamin D which in the UK is so important as there has been a rise in childhood rickets and we don’t always get that much sun, but my children’s safety is so important. I wouldn’t let them play in water alone, eat junk food day in and out, play with fire or run in the street and for me protecting their skin from the sun is just as important as any of those. It makes me really angry when parents don’t cover and protect their children’s skin in the sun.

The first 20 years of the way your skin has been treated, will determine the future of your skins health. If your skin gets burnt or is unprotected in this time you can increase your chances of getting skin related cancers in your later years, which has been on the rise. Furthermore, your skin will age prematurely and you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to make your skin look like your actual age! So why not protect yourself now and your children from the off!

I know a tan can look pretty, and make an adult look well rested but you can protect your skin and tan. Always remember though, there really is NO SUCH THING AS A HEALTY TAN When your skin gets damaged by the sun’s rays, it makes even more melanin to try to protect your skin from being damaged even more. That’s what causes the skin to change colour. Its really important to realise this when you are sitting in the sun, be sun safety savvy.


Here are my sun safety tips:

  1. Wear sunscrean everyday – In all seasons and make sure it says Broad Spectrum. Make sure you use the right amount, about a tablespoon per limb.
  2. Reapply every 2 hours
  3. Wear sunglasses, protect your eyes and the skin around them
  4. Wear hats and long sleeves
  5. Avoid midday sun between 11am  and 2pm
  6. Check your skin, and moles regularly
  7. Don’t use snubbed, Use Fake Tan


Do you have any tips for sun safety?