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To continue Summer Body Week, I’m going to talk about my 3 skin essentials. Usually I tend to switch my moisturises and oils but every year these products come out.

First hair removal. For me my preference is waxing and in fact, I have not used a laser in 8 years and because of this the hair on my body is really fine and actually hardly grows. Veet warm wax is the easiest for me to use and is not painful at all, you just have to make sure that you don’t over heat the wax as it can get extremely hot and you could really damage your skin. If you prefer a good salon is an option, that way you can reach all the angles you may not be able to reach at home.



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My next must have product is the Nip + Fab Gycolic Fix cream. This stuff has got rid off all the dark marks on my legs and evened out the skin tone, its great, This is also good for those who suffer from blemishes on the body as the glycolic acid helps the skin turn over faster and works towards preventing further breakouts.

Lastly The nip + Fab Tummy fix. Now, I’m not saying if you use this you are suddenly going to get a six pack, but it really does help smooth and even out the skin across the tummy, fighting the appearance of loose or sagging skin across the stomach area. This doesn’t smell the best, but I have noticed the difference in the appearance of my skin since using it, so I would recommend this to anyone with concerns in that area.


What are your summer skin essentials? Let me know!






  • Claudia Sheen

    I agree – the Veet Wax makes waxing some much better and I like the sound of the Nip+Fab cream. Summer is coming after all!