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No you are not mistaken this is my Top 5 concealers, but I have put 3 together because I use them as one product… Do you like what I did there?

I use consular daily, not so much for under eye darkness surprisingly having a one year old and a two year old I don’t suffer from that too badly. It’s more to brighten and cover up dark marks left from old blemish scars. I also use concealers on days where I don’t want a full face of make up and I just want to lightly even out or cover up a small area while keeping the rest of my face bare. Here are my favourite ones….
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From left to right is starts with Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer which does what it says. It’s a mid to heavy weight coverage when built up, but gives good cover to dark circles and I use it even out the skin around my jaw where my foundation can sometimes look ashy. A little goes a long way with this product so its better to build up and use sparingly. Now for my little product cheat, Next to Nars we have the Airbrush Consealer  by Clinique and the Maybline Lumi  When I do feel I look dark or want to add dimension to my face I use these under my eyes or to bring down redness. I hate the white glow look under the eyes, it looks so unnatural and I personally thing over highlighting gives the opposite effect and can may you look tired. Whenever I use these under my eyes I add a tiny amount of the creamy concealer on top to get rid of the stark colour, basically correct and conceal.

Speaking of correct and conceal, next in line is Bobbi Brown’s correct and conceal It comes with a salmon colour to counteract any blue in the skin and a matching yellow tone concealer to sit on top which you can buy separately. What I love is this incredibly fine powder in this duo to set your under eyes with, in fact it’s great to set any place where you are concealing.

For a great drugstore option I really love the Maybelline Eraser Eye. This reminds me of the Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer, it covers and highlights and is beautifully creamy without being slippy. Some people don’t like the sponge tip applicator but I personally find it strongly satisfying twisting it up and using the spongy applicator.

A classic concealer is the MAC Studio Finish Concealer   this is a cult product and I understand why. It covers a multitude of sins and it is not too waxy and stays in place. I always use this when I’m out and about on long days and I know I’m not going to retouch my makeup. It’s also great when you want to have a makeup free day as you can really sheer it out to get a natural coverage. I have had my pot for a long time, a little goes a long way, and I clean mine with alcohol every so often.

Lastly I have a foundation, it’s not strictly a concealer, but I use this for nights out and on hot days as it really does not budge. It’s the Estee Lauder Double Wear  . This stuff is amazing, and it comes in a fantastic shade range. I don’t use it across my whole face, but for concealing large areas of pigmentation or blemishes a small amount on a brush or tips of fingers can give it a beautiful finish, that will stay all day.

What are your favourite concealers? let me know.