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First of all, let me just ask, did everyone see the Body Coach (Joe) on Sunday Brunch, didn’t he do amazingly and looked gorgeous too? If not you should be able to watch it on 4oD and check him out talking about healthy fats.

Back to my graduation, I’m so happy to have completed this. It’s been a long time since I have actually stuck to an eating plan for such a long time, and it’s because I can honestly say I have never felt deprived. I had lots to eat and because of this I never felt guilty when I did cheat. I think for me that’s the key… I DIDN’T FEEL GUILTY! So many times we are made to feel like failures if we eat too much or have chocolate, but with this I’m taught to look at food differently, and therefore because the guilt has gone I always feel like I can get back to it and stay on track.

So cycle 3 is tough. On paper it looks easy with shorter cardio and weight lifting, but no, its hard and you feel like your arms are going to drop off the next day. I personally love that feeling where I know that I have pushed myself to the limit, the level of achievement has been great. Food wise this is my favourite. It takes what you have learnt from cycle 1 and 2 and puts it in 3 so getting your head round it should be easy, and soon just be a way of life…for life.






What have I learnt? the most important thing for me is to start liking my body again. Now I have a way to go, and I think by the end of June/July I should be where I want to be which will be great. As for my past 3 birthdays I have been either pregnant or unhappy with how I’m looking and this time I should be smiling.

I now know that I can eat, and a lot of it! Training wise I have always done HIIT and lifted weights but without the food I wasn’t getting to where I want to be. Now I’m eating more and changing my body to the shape I love. I also knew about healthily fats, but not to this extent. I would always go low fat if I could, and now I embrace them, plus it just tastes better!

Less is more (in the gym). I have been known to be in the gym for 2 hours. NO MORE I’m either 30 mins or an hour with weights and training, this has been a life saver as time is not on my side with a 1 year old and a 2 year old to look after. Changing my workouts has also stopped me from getting bored and therefore helped me stick to the plan.

I also got rid of the bathroom scales. I was a slave to this machine. I would weigh myself after meals, and after I had been to the toilet because the numbers meant everything. What a load of CRAP. Seriously my mood for the day even the week would be determined on this stupid inaccurate machine and I’m just not that person anymore, as Elsa said I’ve “LET IT GO” and I’m happier for it. My clothes, photos and people around me tell me my progress. I don’t need those scales telling me I haven’t worked hard enough when I know that I bloody well have.

Lastly I’ve learned that Joe Wicks is a pretty awesome guy! I know he puts up these fun videos and with funny catch phrases, but in all seriousness this guy is changing lives. He’s changed mine and so may others worldwide I wish he could go into schools, universities the NHS and every slimming club and teach what he teaches, it needs to be heard. I can’t thank Joe enough and I have promised some updates in the future. I want people to see that this isn’t just a 3 month gig and then you go back to your old ways but a long term plan, for life so I will be writing again maybe once a month with progress pictures so you can all see how I’m doing.

If you ever need support, message me or comment below and if your still not sure take my word for it….. sign up, it will be one of the best decisions of your life.






  • Rachel

    WOW! You look amazing!! So great to hear how much you praise it too, I’m hoping to sign up tomorrow! Well done! 😀 xx

    • Jihan-Annesa Turner

      Thank you, you should do it. It’s really worth it in the end xx

  • grace

    Congratulations on your weight and inch loss. Your first photo is how I look at the moment. Now that you’ve completed the 90 days do you have to repeat one of the cycles to continue losing weight? I am thinking of starting the plan and your journey so far is great motivation for me.

  • Chris

    Hi, hows it going a year on. Did they give you some macros at the end of it, was it sustainable?