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I don’t know about you but the weather outside has shredded my hands. I have never had dry hands like this before and it’s not attractive. I then got Hand Chemistry in a Lookfantastic beauty box (I’m loving the beauty box by the way) that I had picked up and put down in Boots before on price, and to be honest, I’m glad I did.

This cream smells wonderful and fruity, and it rubs in well. It says use twice a day and in 11 days… yes 11 (which I thought was a random number to be sure) you should see results. So thats what I did, and I haven’t really seen any results. No more than my Nivia SOS hand cream which does work wonders and isn’t £20 a pop.
IMG_7125 copy


It does have a soothing effect, but to me it felt like it was more like a face primer with a silicone feel that was only temporary, which looks great but I think I will stick to my usual hand cream and SPF on my hands to keep them looking good.


Available from Boots