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I have been off the radar recently, and thats because of some very exciting news on the work front so apologies but I wanted to check in and show you all my end of cycle 2 results and breakdown.

Cycle two has been hard, the exercise for me was not the hard part, that was the part that got me up in the morning. I love lifting weights it makes me feel strong, and working out without lifting never felt really like working out. Bringing them into cycle two was great. The hardest part for me was the food. Bringing in carbs and extra large portions mentally was very difficult. Before I had my children and before I was married I danced and food and I never had the best relationship. Not in a serious way, I would never regard myself as someone who had an “eating disorder” but I had friends at dance school who did, so I understand, but I would sometimes feel guilty after eating, not eating a lot of food but eating the wrong foods. When I got married like lots of others I got comfortable, and I found someone who loves me whatever I look like, eating out lots, dancing less and pregnancy I let myself go, and I enjoyed that. I controlled what I was eating for so long that this time it was like a food holiday for me.

After I had Spencer, my youngest, I was determined to loose weight and feel like the old me again. I have a wardrobes of size 10 clothes that I want to get back into so I cut calories and carbs dramatically, along with breastfeeding the weight was falling off and I lost 5 stones. Things slowed down a lot and thats why I joined Joe Wicks, The Body Coach on the 90 DAY SSS plan. Cycle 2 and the introduction of carbs was too much for me, it went totally against everything I had been doing or believed. The food at first was too much and I felt like I was failing. I was miserable for the first week of cycle 2, but I emailed Joe and he reassured me that I needed the food to fuel my body. I started to find a combination that was palatable for me to eat in the morning, and I stuck to it. Then over the week things got easier and easier and but week 3 I was hungry!  I couldn’t believe it, I wanted to eat more! Joe is right, and this process is a matter of trust. You need to trust Joe and what he tells you and try and put your doubts aside, because your mind really is the the only thing that can hold you back in this process.

Below is typically what I have been eating for breakfast on training days. Chicken with peppers and onions, rice and broccoli.



So here are my results, I am really happy that I am getting leaner in the right way. I want to get back to the way I was and I can really see it happening now, even though between cycles I always think its not worked but every time I’m proved wrong.
BEFORE AND AFTER - CYCLE TWO - JIHAN ANNESA TURNER - FRONT copySo if you are thinking about doing this plan, stop thinking and just do it, It will be the best £149 you have every spent. It’s not just the plan that you are paying for, but its the personal encouragement from Joe The Body Coach, Leanin15 and TeamLean community which really keeps you on track.

For more info – www.thebodycoach.co.uk