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This week has been better for me, after prepping last Sunday it has made eating during the week a lot easier. The exercise this week has also gone well, and I’m not in as much pain as I was the first week. In fact working out is my favourite part of the plan. I’m still finding it really hard to eat all the food, I’m just not hungry and I have never eaten this much food in each sitting before. My problem was always eating the wrong things and enjoying my pregnancies a bit too much.

I’m also full of such self doubt, I don’t see or feel my body changing at all at the moment and it’s really bothering me. Now, I felt like this at the end of cycle 1 and my before and after pictures told a different story, this time is totally different. I just feel like I haven’t changed at all. I hope I’m surprised when I get my cycle 2 photos back, I think it also has to do with the association of food quantity and weight gain. more food + carbs = more weight, right? This is a mindset I’m going to have to change as a positive mind is more than half the battle in this case.

Whenever I’m feeling as though I’m not making process, or I’m unsure I always email Joe, and I find myself being surprisingly open about how I’m feeling as though you are writing to a friend. i don’t know how he does it, but he manages to turn my way of thinking around (and I’m pretty strong headed). I do honestly think Joe does care about all his clients and is genuinely excited by each transformation.

I’m only on week two so I have two more weeks to go with this and I’m pushing myself in the workouts and I’ve started lifting heaver weights and making sure I keep a good form.

This week it’s my aim to create some new recipes and get some photos for you all to see what I’m eating. hopefully after these harder weeks, this week will go smoothly.