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This week was the worst week, I was sick and and my son was teething and I had lots of meals out for work, so the prep that I would of done really didn’t happen. The shift from cycle 1 to cycle 2 was hard for me. firstly the quantity of food is massive in comparison. I really couldn’t finish it, and one day last week I hardly ate because the thought of the food just wasn’t appealing. I also found that not having a menu with all the ingredients harder, it was like having free reign to choose what I wanted made it harder to focus on the week. Exercise wise, I really enjoyed it. I love lifting weights and the reps are easy to follow and very effective. If fact not lifting weights in cycle 1 was really difficult for me. I think I’m going to see a change in my body this month because of this.

I emailed Joe about my concerns around food, and he just reassured me to eat and train and it will all work out. I’m going to draw a line under this week and start again, I’ve done my prep and feel a lot more positive about the coming weeks. I think once you have done one cycle the focus can shift and it becomes about retraining your mind to stay on track.



I know I can do this and if it means doing an extra couple of days because of the mishaps of this week I’ll not beat myself up about it too much.


I would love to know how you are all doing and if you have had any wobbles along the way?