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It’s the end of the 4 weeks and I’ll be honest, I was feeling really disheartened and even tearful. I looked in the mirror, and once again the voice that tells you to “give up it’s not working” creeps in as I just didn’t see any change in my body. At this point my husband told me to email Joe, and I’m so glad that I did. I wrote him an honest email telling him how I felt and told him how I  thought it had all stopped working and that I should do an extra week.

Joe replied really quickly, with words of encouragement telling me to send the photos and measurements back and not to give up, Even though your’re not on the phone or face to face with Joe, you can feel his energy and enthusiasm in his emails just like the videos he puts up on his social networks @thebodycoach.

He was right, when you see your photos side by side it’s truly amazing, my body has changed so so much and I’m sp proud of myself, he also added my results to his pages and the response from others on line has just been lovely. He has built a community of people  who are determined and empowering others to make these positive changes. I cannot thank Joe enough for the advice and help he has given me through this cycle and I can not wait for the cycle 2 plan which is when I get to lift weight huzzah!!! I am totally looking forward to seeing my 8 week photo and seeing my body change further.



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Please let me know how you are getting on with your plans, and if you are considering signing up to the body coach then I urge you to stop considering and just do it! Trust me, if you follow the plan you won’t be disappointed.







  • I can’t believe you thought it hadn’t been working, those pictures speak for themselves! You’ve done so well. When I saw the image on Insta I thought it was after the full 90 days! Your post has really made me think about doing it! Keep up the good work x

    • Jihan-Annesa Turner

      Thank you! I think sometimes it is a battle of the mind. When you’re in that place where you want change so much and your confidence is low you can tell yourself give up its not working, but it’s all in the mind. It’s great that Joe is there to help you with this kind of thinking and replies very quickly to any self doubt you’re feeling. Just started cycle 2 so will post on Sunday, but the weights are hard but great and the food amounts for me are HUGE x

  • Sioned

    Hi, I signed up after I saw your pictures, so thank you for being such an inspiration! Going strong in my first week now and not looking back. I can’t wait to see your 8 week pic x

    • Jihan-Annesa Turner

      Thank you, such a lovely comment. I’m on week 1 cycle 2 now. I have found it tough this week as the food has increased so much and the planning! Gosh it’s a lot so your comment has motivated me to stay on top of things. I hope it goes well for you. I’m gonna do a full update at the end of the week. Good luck with things x

  • Vickii O

    You are one of the biggest changes I have seen in 4 weeks! I believe Joe said the same thing when he posted your photo on his instagram page! You have done so well and you should be so proud!!! Well done! I recently started the plan and I’m on my 3rd week. If I do half as well as you clearly have, I’ll be very happy!

    • Jihan-Annesa Turner

      Thank you so much. I’m sure you will do amazingly well too. I’m in cycle 2. It’s very different. I thought I would be excited by the carbs but it was quite the opposite but after a few days you get used to it. I’m excited and nervous on how my 8 week will be. Joe is brilliant. If he does s meet and greet again I will have to go just to thank him.

  • Zoe

    Before i bought the plan, i read your review. I was meant to start today, but there were th voices in my head telling me nott o and to just give up. I drunk my first protein shake and although it just tasted like squash, it made me feel sick and bloated so am i just being a couch potato and not doing the HIIT. Your before and after pictures are so inspiring and clear that the plan works, but there is something to me thats not making me want to do it. Well done though :) x

    • Jihan-Annesa Turner

      Hi Zoe
      Thank you. It is really hard sometimes to get started. After a bit of a summer bing I started again 2 weeks ago and it’s just the first week. One you do that you will few so proud of yourself. I didn’t so the protein shakes I just ate the meals, so it’s that better for you do it that way. The protein shakes are not needed and you will still get great results. X

  • Megan Koch

    Your post is truly inspiring! For a couple weeks now I have been floating between the idea of whether to sign up or not purely as I have tried everything and see this as my last try at losing the weight. It is a lot of money and I have done endless research on this plan but you gave me the inspiration and answers I was looking for. Thank you! I hope to share my results with you! xx

    • Jihan-Annesa Turner

      You’re welcome, and good luck, I look forward to see your progress xx

  • Charlotte

    I have just stumbled upon your blog and having just started my plan yesterday, I’m so inspired to keep going! Thank you for your honest and candid reviews – it’s so refreshing to hear about your real experience with the plan!

    • Jihan-Annesa

      Thank You