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I know this is a Christmas gift set, but I had to share this with you as trust me I have fallen in love with a limited edition bath bomb, and it’s also a cry for help if anyone knows which of the Lush bombs are similar. The Poptasic Box has two bombs in it, Cinders and Shoot for the Starts. Shoot for the starts not only smells gorgeous, but leaves a stunning display of sparkles in the bath. It literally looks like the cosmos has exploded in the bath, I didn’t want to drain the water away it’s just so pretty.




Seriously look at this…. Hashtag NO FILTER!



Cinders is a snap crackle and pop of loveliness for bath, I forgot how much I love this warm spicy scents perfect for this time of year to warm you up.


So any of you lush fans know of another bath bombs that create similar effects, let me know!