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Okay, so first of all, Happy New Year! and to anyone who has signed up to the plan in the last couple of weeks that I have started doing this, well done to you. You are going to start seeing changes really soon. As you may (or may not) remember this week also had New Years Eve in it, and I’m glad I let myself go as it was a real stark reminder of why I don’t drink (I haven’t really had a drink now in 18 months) because of pregnancy and breastfeeding, but also how it effects food and what I want to eat. I had 4 glasses of wine and after that I wanted to eat the world. The lesson here, as Joe explained, is that not only does alcohol have empty calories, you also have the added drink related hunger to add to the damage. If you can avoid it on the plan. then do!

Christmas Day and New Years were my naughty days and I was again straight back on it the next day. This is meant to be a lifestyle choice, events will always come up, I don’t feel guilty about them, I enjoy them and move on. The next event I have coming up is my sons first birthday in February.

This week has been a good one and I remembered to take more photos of my meals this time… Hurrah! I managed to keep to my 5 workouts and have found an even better app to work along side this. It’s amazing.  The app is called Sworkit. You have a dashboard that you can customise to suit your workout requirements, it’s clear and shows the movements being done to avoid confusion. It’s my favourite app to use along side the plan especially if you like variety.



app Chose your workout Chose your intervals Select the time



Here you can see I have chosen a 20 minute workout doing 30 seconds on then 30 seconds rest after each exercise. The stretching is also great and I’m looking forward to the strength training in cycle two.

Another addition to the week was my Polar FT4 watch. I thought these things were a waste of money to be honest, and you can go without but seriously, having these tools are great if you like to push yourself, get competitive and train harder. When I filled out my 90 Day plan questionnaire I said I trained at a 10 out of 10 but in reality, now I have the watch, it was more of a 6 to 7 as now I can see my max heart rate, and when I’m in my peak zone. If you would like a full review and a how to guide let me know.



Lastly my favourite meals of the week have been eggs, eggs and more eggs they are just so easy to make. I also loved the feta and spinach hash, the Cajun chicken and quinoa (this is so tasty because of the sweet apricots), Steak, lime and coriander rice and chicken stir fry.


feta hash cajun chicken








steak rice















So there is my week. Let me know how your week has been, or if you have any questions. Hope you are enjoying these posts.

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