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I Love mascara, and It’s the one product what I think the drugstore do really well. a £3 mascara though was something other than ELF Ive not tried before, but the shape of the wand intrigued me. Its called Viper and as you can see the wand has that snake head shape, so it fits he curves of my lash and eyes really well.


I have good lashes naturally, so Im lucky I don’t have to curly them, they are think and long, so I look for mascara’s that are going to define the lashes and separate them so they flutter more. I think this does ass volume to the base of the oases and defines them well, I didn’t have any transfer under my eyes throughout the day and no flakes with my bottom lashes.

mascara swatch

For the price its a good mascara, but mascara is such an individual thing and so trial and error. I say at £3 give it a try and see what you thing.


Whats your favourite budget mascara?








  • Ebony J

    My favorite budget mascara is by wet n wild and it’s in an orange tube but I forget the name (:

    • Jihan-Annesa Turner

      I haven’t tried it. We don’t get wet and wild in the UK unfortunately, but if I can get my hands on it I would love to try.