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Here is my week two update on the Body Coach system and it’s been an odd week. I have been really good, usually on other plans I would have Christmas day on site and be naughty a few days before, but this time I was really good and I found the will power to stick to the plan right up until Christmas day. Then on Christmas day I ate what I wanted and here is the strange thing, I didn’t eat as much as I thought I would. I didn’t even have the desire to. Food tastes different to me now and this I think is a massive positive change. It’s also because it’s a lifestyle change so you really don’t feel the need to binge, I’m very please with this.

My food shop this week was a lot cheaper. The first week I brought so much because I wanted to try the variety of meals available, but now I have found my favourites that are fast to make and sticking with them has made my shop a lot cheaper. I keep forgetting to take photos before I tuck in, but below is one of my favourites a mushroom omelette with mozzarella. Yum.



The execersie is still going well, I’m aiming for 5 HIIT’s per week and I have just ordered a Polor FT4 watch to help track how hard I’m pushing myself because I think I can do more and this will give me something to aim for.


So far so good, I have days where I wake up and don’t see any difference and others where I see loads. I think this is normal when you’re coming from a place where you are desperate for change, and I’m lucky to have a supportive husband to keep me on track, but if I have any doubts I would just email Joe (The Body Coach) for reassurance. This is one of the best points on this plan. The community is very supportive and Joe is always at the other end.

With New Years Eve and Day coming up I will be enjoying myself just like Christmas Day but on January 2nd, I will be straight  back on it.

If you want to sign up or read more go to http://www.thebodycoach.co.uk

Next week I promise lots of yummy photos!