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Sorry that this post is a day late, I have just been so busy getting things ready for Christmas but I wanted to give you my weekly update on how my plan is going.

As I was already being careful with what I was eating, I haven’t found the diet part too difficult. What I have found hard is not having carbs with every meal, only after a workout. That makes me want to work out just so I can eat some carbs! The breakfasts can be a bit strange, but I have worked out my favourite meals for breakfast are the built up bagel and (randomly) steak and rice!. The Bagel is easy to prep the night before and the steak takes 4 mins in the pan, so its easy to fit into my day.



I have done 5 workouts this week and found an amazing app that works really well along side this plan called 7 mins. You can set your intervals for however long you like with the rests in-between.  It has great workouts that you can buy or make your own consisting of high knees, jumping jacks etc, and you can do the right amount of sets suggest by Joe (The Body Coach). It takes a lot of hassle out of finding a workout and it’s another way to stay motivated.



For my lunches I have been enjoying omelettes, as they are easy for me to take out and about, and my favourite snacks are nuts and biltong. I’m not taking the supplements that Joe suggests, they are optional and I’m breast feeding and I don’t want anything unnecessary to pass into my milk, but thats my decision and these things are personal choice.

For dinner I have been eating a lot of chicken based meals, like paprika chicken and spicy chicken stir fry, Terkaki salmon has also been a bit feature in the week.

So how am I feeling? I’m feeling good, I have been hungry but I think this has something to do with my body adjusting to a new way of eating and the fact that I am breastfeeding. The great thing is that I have emailed Joe who has given me some reassurance and explained why I may be feeling that way, so I’m positive that I will carry on in the right direction. I’m now looking forward to this week and seeing what damage I can do. My husband is already saying how much flatter my stomach is looking. I am going to really enjoy myself on Christmas Day and then I will be back on it on Boxing Day.


I’ll be back nest week for my week 2 update.