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I linke to put my hair up in the Winter to protect the ends from the elements. One of you favourite up does is a basic plate across the front and tucking the ends into a long doughnut.

You will need hair grips, a sausage shaped doughnut a comb and a brush.



1. Part the hair from ear to ear across the front.

step 1



2. Tie the rest of you hair back to keep it separate. step 2



3.Start platting the hair from ear to ear, trying to make it as flat to the head as you can. step 3



4. It should look something like this, and pin the left over hair behind your ear.

step 4



5.  Take your hair out and get your long donought and place it at the back of your head where you would like the fold to be.

step 5



6. Start tucking your hair over the doughnut and pin the ends in place.

step 6



7. Until you have something like thisstep 7


8. Add a bow or clips if you like

save 8



9. Add a hair band to the front for a different preppy look .

step 9



There you go, this takes 10 minutes and looks like you have made a really effort, give it a go and let me know how you get on.