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Instagram is a powerful visual tool, and it was when looking up healthy meals and fitness inspiration that I came across Joe Wicks AKA the Body Coach. I have been looking at the pictures for about 4 weeks and the tranformations after 4 weeks were AMAZING and after 90 days were really life changing. So after some deliberation I have signed up.

Now your not buying a plan as such, it is very individual to each person, and Joe does this by asking a set of question in quite a lengthy questionnaire based on lifestyle, current fitness and food habits. These are questions that I wouldn’t even think are relevant. Luckily, I had been using my fitness pal for a while so I could provide my current food diary.


lean team


The most daunting part of the process for me was sending in the 3 body shots, now I have done implied nude modelling before, but that was when I was dancing a lot and felt wonderful about my body, this however was hard, even though my face is not in shot it’s still a huge step for me, but all I could think of was “DO IT FOR THE AFTER PHOTO”.


The pack that has come though is very detailed. 60 pages explaining how and why, and lots of specific recipes. There is a lot of prep to do. In fact I will be in the Kicthen for a few hours on the weekends prepping for the week. I’m really excited about completing the first four weeks and comparing it to the other programs I have done. Look out for weekly updates, ecipes and diary.


Go to http://www.thebodycoach.co.uk for more on the plan.




  • Chris

    Hey Jihan, great post. Out of curiosity please, what’s the calorie count they recommends for you? I’ve got his cook book and am debating doing the plan but just curious what they use for energy requirements

    • Jihan-Annesa

      hi Chris, when i finished I have a weekly calorie recommendation of 15,000