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I actually enjoy doing my nails myself when I have the time and I tend to do them weekly. There are some steps that I take to give myself the perfect manicure so if you like, follow these too and give it a go for yourself.

1 Take off any old varnish, and remove all the oil from your nails. This will make your varnish last longer and stop it from peeling.

2. Cut your nails to shape with a good quality nail cutter. Mine is from Japan, but cheap cutters I find make your nails split and leave the ends feeling rough. I don’t like to file too much so a good clean edge it important.

3. I then use a cuticle cream and push the cuticles back, you can also use warm soapy water to soften the nails. I’m not keen on cutting my cuticles myself as I don’t want to damage my nails, but I would rather leave this step to an expert. Pushing them back and rubbing them aways works well for me.

4. I then file and shape my nails with a glass file.



5. I then buff and shine my nails gently so I can get a smoother finish with my polish , and then wash my hands again making sure to remove all oils from my hands.

6. I then add a base coat, I like the Barry M polish, it’s just a barrier for me to prevent my nails from staining.

7. Now the colour. It’s important to get enough on your brush but not too much you end up pooling your polish. So with the right amount I then leave about a two millimetre gap around my nail and do a stroke down the middle then left and right and across the tip of the nail to help prevent chipping.  Let it dry and repeat. The gap makes it easier to remove, gives your nails a chance to breath and looks neater. You do need a steady hand!

8. I make sure I let all the layers dry before I add the topcoat. It stops it from smudging or your nails going dull. My top coat is the Sally Hanson Mega Shine. This stuff is amazing, it dries in 60 secs and makes it look like you have had a gel manicure.

9. Once it’s all dry, I add a cuticle oil or olive oil around my nails.

10. Slather your hands in hand cream, and you’re done.


Do you have any tips for a manicure or pedicure?