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What’s your bath time bliss? I only really take a bath twice a month (don’t worry I shower everyday), but I love a good relax in the bath. My lovely husband surprised me by running me a relaxing bath one evening, so I thought I would share with you my bath must haves.

1. Candles, I need dim light to shut out the world. I like to feel in a sleepy chilled out mood when in the bath. They don’t need to be scented as my bath bubbles sort that for me, it’s just for ambience.

2. Bubbles, big soft fluffy bubbles and a few drops of lavender oil. I once added bubbles to a whirlpool jacuzzi bath…. big mistake! But one of my faves is Lush’s comforter. It smells divine and is moisturising too, I hate feeling like a lizard after a bath and this bubble bar has everything.

3. Wine, it’s not a must, but it helps with the relaxation! But be careful, not too mush, a warm bath, alcohol, sleepiness can be dangerous.

4. A few choccies… just feels luxurious

5. My iPad, I’m into Pretty Little Liars at the moment, or just anything that makes me switch off after a long day looking after the kids.




Let me know your bath must haves