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I’m hoping my niece won’t read this post as this would be a sneak preview of some of her Christmas presents this year. She has just started secondary school and she came to me in the half term and asked me about skin care. She is 11, has perfect skin, no visible pores and at the moment normal healthy skin, but she is on the edge of puberty when hormones, as we all know, can make things go a bit wild so her approach is sensible to get used to really looking after her skin now.


I did look around Boots, Superdrug and The Body Shop but felt a bit lost on choice for such young skin. I didn’t want anything too expensive as I would like her to be able to repurchase any of the items without really breaking the bank. I then thought of Lush, it’s natural, good quality skin care that works. It is slightly more expensive but lasts a while so cost per use is low.




Ultrabland is a cleansing balm, I really want her to understand the benefits of good cleansing early on (before she starts playing with makeup) and using balms rather than gels. This has almond oil to nourish the skin and rose water that will calm it. It also contains honey natures natural antiseptic. The smell is really indifferent, and non offensive, I think this will be great for her skin.




For toner I was advised to look at Eau Roma Water as it’s great for sensitive skin, the main ingredients are rose water, again to calm and lavender to balance the skin.

For moisturiser, I was looking for something light, Celestial is perfect as its full of almond oil rich in vitamin E that will protect the skin as will as keep it beautifully hydrated. Lush also uses dove orchard which helps problem skin with that little bit of extra defence. The scent is gorgeous, a sweet vanilla smell, delicious.


Now as its Christmas I had to buy myself a little present too, that came in the form of Snow Fairy their annual special edition body wash. This stuff is just yum! The smell is divine, and as the steam fills the room the scent of sweeties fill your home.

Lastly Mask of Magnaminty, I saw this on a video by Gemma Tomlinson it’s a staple in her bathroom and now it is in mine. This mask is amazing. It soothes the skin, makes it feel so soft and clears problem areas. I like this as its self preserving so will keep for longer than their fresh masks. The peppermint oil gives a pleasant tingle to the skin and the honey provides one of the antiseptic elements to the mask.





I need to vist lush more often, I always just think of it as fun bath bombs and bubble, but its so much more than that, their skin care is really something to explore further.

Let me know if you have any products you can recommend.






  • Donna Moore

    I’ve got a niece who’s twelve. Thanks so much for this. Hope you don’t mind if I steal your Christmas present ideas!