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My lovely husband came home with a little gift for me yesterday. A small bottle of Creme De Corps and their #1 Lip balm in Mango. The Creme De Corps has become one of those cult products that I have wanted to try for a while, and I can see why. It’s rich and really moisturising. It feels and smells luxurious, a real treat for the skin, it’s not greasy and it will sort out the dry skin because of coco butter and sesame oil, I just love it.

The Lip balm has come in handy with the cold and windy weather, it’s really soothing and glossy on the lips and somehow manages to improve your natural lip colour. A little goes a long way. So even though £9.50 may seem a lot, I can see this lasting a long time.


Kiels body and lips

I love the fact that you can can buy smaller sizes from Kiehl’s as the larger products are a lot to part with if your not sure if you’re going to get on with it, but these are a must try and Im starting to enjoy this brand more and more with every product I try.


Have you tried any of their body products? let me know your thoughts