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My skin broke out about two months ago, worse than ever. It could have been a number of things, hormones from having a baby and breast-feeding, a face mask reaction, I don’t know but I was left desperate to sort out my skin. I have oily skin, but over the years have found ways to manage it so it stays relatively clear.  This last out brake really upset me, and I was desperate to find something to help so I went off to Boots and tried the proactive range first.

I think I was having flash backs of infomercials featuring Katy Perry. I would never usually go for such an extreme range but I was desperate. The pack from Boots comes with a  Renewing Cleanser that has exfoliating granolas in, it feels like the micodermabration sets that used to be really popular. To be honest this started to bother my skin after about a week or so.

The next step is the Revitalising Toner this is quite drying on the skin, but the best part of the process to be honest. I felt that out of the pack it was the winner as it had a good amount of salicylic acid in it to clear the skin. The last step is the Repairing Treatment, the moisturiser basically. This doesn’t moisturise at all. If you want moisture this is pretty pointless, and overtime you will need to add something else on top.

From reading online I then went ahead and brought the Refining Mask, which everyone said was the winning product in clearing the skin and a Retinol Cream Repairing Night Lotion. The Mask felt like adding toothpaste to my face, its just drying and the lotion is the same, drying.

So did it clear up my skin, a little at first then it just came back. I don’t think long term this would do anything for anyones skin, apart form leave it dry and you need oil in your skin. I found the whole thing stripping and uncomfortable and the smell was just too much of chemicals. I won’t be getting this again.

I went back and tried the New 3 step  solution by La Roche- Posay. This was much hyped when it was due to be released with “waiting lists” for this sensitive skin, oily range. the cleanser and corrective cream I had used before and loved but the toner was new to me…sort of. I have used Serozinc for a while and this is the same but in a glycerol solution.




I liked this range. It suited my skin a lot betted. The Effaclar Gel Clenser can feel drying to the skin but I used this as a 2nd cleanse ager balm so I didn’t feel this too much. The Effaclar Toner is very light, but it woks so well in smoothing the skin as well as preventing breakouts. The Effaclar Duo+ cream I used more as a 2nd serum (after my actual serum). To use this system on its own again it too drying for my skin, and I have really oily skin so I would always put an oil or another moisturiser on top of the last step.

eff duo

So who won for me? It’s the Effaclar range. Its gentle for my skin and ultimately has cleared my break out up quickly. Both systems are around the same price but for your money I would go down the La Roche Posy route.


Both Available from boots Proactive £26.99 La Roche Posey £32.50


Have you tried these, how did you get on?