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I’m a glossy nail girl, but Rimmel released a matte range with this beautiful purple colour and I couldn’t resist. But I don’t think I’m a total convert yet and here is why. I put a base coat on as always but the varnish still applied quite streakily and it was really hard to get an even finish. It does dry really quickly, but that made it even harder as I didn’t have much time to correct it, and the more I tried to cover up the streaks the thicker and more uneven it got. It then chipped really badly after just one day.





Maybe I’m applying it incorrectly, I don’t know, if you have any tips please let me know, because this colour is beautiful (despite the name being Sumptious Red for a purple) and I really want to make it work. I know other brands do matte nails so I shall be giving them a go to see how they work too.


Available at Boots and Superdrug – £4.49 in four colours