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Darker, vampy nails shoot Autumn Winter, and it’s a quick and easy way to change up your outfit to make it look more seasonal. Some of my favourite colours are my Essie, and I’m waiting to get my hands on a few of their new Fall collection colours like “dress to kilt”. For now, here are my go to colours that I love to reapply thought this season.essie





From left to right we have Eternal Optimist, To be honest I wear this colour all year round. It’s the perfect pink nude and looks good on all skin tones. It’s really girly, and for those who don’t really want to go dark on the nails this will still make you look polished.

Midnight Cami, is a beautiful deep blue metallic nail colour with a small amount of shimmer though it. The shimmer doesn’t translate unless your nails catch the light, but this is a stunning blue that looks chic without looking grungy.

Sole Mate is my favourite Essie winter colour. It is a very dark blood read that reminds me of full bodied red wine. I lived in this colour last winter.

Bahama Mama is one of my latest editions to the winter collection. This is a darker raspberry pink colour with a purple undertone, I wanted something a little brighter than Sole Mate this year and this fits the bill perfectly.

Finally we have Chinchilly this is already a well loved colour in the Essie world, its the perfect grey nude and elongates the fingers.


What are your favourite Essie Winter colours? Let me know