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My favourite day of the week is Baby Swim Day! My son Spencer, is a proper water baby, which is understandable as he was born in the water sac… My waters never broke. They sometimes call this a mermaid birth and in some cultures this is seen as very lucky and it’s said that the baby will be a great swimmer.

There are many swim schools out there and you yourself can start swimming with your child from birth (if the pool temperature is correct) as before 6 months babies have the natural instinct to hold their breath, making it easy for them to swim underwater and get used to being in water from a young age.

I swim with Aquatots, they are a national swim school who teach children from 10 weeks up, and follow a set lesson plan to get your children to do their first independent short swims and more.

I started swimming with my two, Juliet and Spencer from 10 weeks. Luckily the way their terms worked out meant that they could start that young. My eldest who is 2 and 3 months is now level 9,  and very close to doing her first independent swim and Spencer is level 3. He is so happy in the water and seeing him swim is such a joy. It feels very rewarding to see them both getting better and gaining confidence in the water, which is a real skill that could save their lives. I do a few classes and groups with the two of them, but this is the most expensive and most rewarding.






Find a class at http://www.aquatots.com


Do you swim with your little ones? tell me your experiences.