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I think I may have finally found it, my perfect high end nude. I’m always looking  and testing lipsticks hoping to find the perfect mauve, pink shade and I have. The Rouge Allure Lip Colour from Chanel is the perfect shade, really comfortable on the lips and moisturising. The packing is what makes this really special, the classic black and gold but with a finger click to open, you feel special when you apply this lipstick.




This colour 108 Determinee has a ever so slight blue undertone, that makes your teeth look even whiter. It’s not overly glossy and its the perfect everyday colour that would work with any makeup looks, even heavy smoky eyes. This, amazingly, is the first Chanel that I have brought, and I don’t think it will be the last as the packaging alone is so tempting. I think a classic red will be next on my list in this range, and I would also love to try out the Matte editions.


chanel swatch

Chanel Rouge Allure £26