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Mascara, like brows is a face game changer, but with so many to choose from it’s the kind of product you can’t really try  before you buy, knowing the differences between the wands and some formulas may help you make a better decision when choosing the perfect flutter.



Lets begin with formulas….

Water Proof – This is a pain to remove at the end of the day, and can sometimes dry out your lashes but for those straight lash, stubborn eyed girls the waterproof formulas will hold the curl better than the non waterproof. It’s also good for long wear makeup days, weddings, holidays and hot days. It also works well for those with oily skin and doesn’t leave a mascara print under the eyes.

Waterbased or cream mascaras which are more waxed based. They are easier to take off at the end of the day, cause less damage to the eye lashes and are more common in the drugstore.

Added Fibres: These literarily add length to your lashes by adding silk fibres to the formula. Some are better than others, and can be messy when applying. I’ve found as a contact lens wearer that these can irritate my eyes.


So you have established what formula you prefer, now what about the wand. This is so important to get the desired look you want with your lashes.

Standard brushes: These are sythentic brushes and can be really good at adding volume. Often densely packed the shape of the wand really helps to add the volume in to the base of the lash line.

Combs: These are usually plastic and are good for separation and adding length to the lashes stopping you from getting clumpy clashes.

Rubber: These are very popular with the fight against clump free lashes, they define, add volume and separate the lashes, but can sometimes feel sharp when applying so you have to be careful. The formula with these brushes can sometime seem a little wet because of the plastic wand.


The wand shape you prefer will also depend on the shape of your eye, and how you want your mascara to look either cat eyed or wide eyed.

Straight wands are the most common and are easy to use for most people. You can turn it vertically to grab all the tint hairs in the inner corner and bottom lash.

Curved: an ergonomic fit for the eye, you can really get it to the base of the lash and grab all the hairs in a all in one application

Conned or tapered: these are good for the cat eye shape and you can put it out at the ends and grab all the small hairs with the narrower end of the brush.

Round head: this allows for precision on the small hairs, not so much for the volume but are good for second coat separation, bottom lashes and getting into the corners of the eyes,


So Black, Brown, Black/brow and then Colours. If you have dark hair Black will always suit, mid to blond hair brown is a softer look to the eyes, unless you’re going for full on lashes other wise black/brown can be a daytime compromise.

So there it is, my 101 I hope this helps. Here are a few of my recommendations:

For volume : Soap & Glory Thick and fast

For Length: Eyeko Skinny Lash

For Separation: Seventeen 3D Mascara

For Bottom Lashes: Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Curved Wand: Maybeline The Falsies

Round Wand: L’oreal Telescopic Explosion