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I have been looking for a new watch for a while, something classic and simple to add to my collection. Browsing the ASOS site I narrowed it down to two. An Olivia Burton watch, and the Daniel Wellington. I finally decided on the Daniel Wellington, as beautiful as the Olivia Burton watch looked, it seemed a bit too large on the models wrist.

There are a few choices within the Daniel Wellington range, and in the end I went direct to their site and settled on the Classic Sheffield Lady. I’m incredibly happy with my choice, the simplicity of this timepiece is it’s appeal. A good quality leather strap and beautiful rose gold detailing. It’s only 6mm thick so its a very slim watch which doesn’t get in the way of the day to day. You can also change the strap which makes the watch really versatile, and you can buy a selection of leather and fabric straps from the site. Conveniently each watch comes with a pin so you can do this yourself with ease.

dan w watch



I just love the fact you can wear this alone, or dress it with bracelets and it wont look too cluttered on your wrist. As I’m starting to move to simpler designs this really fits the bill, it really will work with  so many styles. I’m just so impressed with it, even down to the plush box you receive it in.

You can get yours here: http://www.danielwellington.com

Classic Sheffield Lady: £159

Do you have a favourite watch design, let me know?