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I recently went to my parents house and found an old makeup bag. I was totally excited to see what was in it, and surprised that my tastes have changed as much I thought, its more the application. Here are a couple of things that are discontinued by MAC that I found in my case, and I remembered how much I loved using these products.


Firstly MAC’s Mineralize foundation loose. I loved this, it gave great coverage and you could build it up really well. The applicator was a bit strange as you could tend to look a bit orange if you didn’t blend it well. You can still get this foundation in different packaging, but I thought this packaging was super cute.


min fin foundation


I then came across the Studio Mist spray blusher. This was so subtle and gave a pretty flush, if applied correctly. I also had the foundation to go with it but as you can imagine I ran out of that pretty quickly! I’m surprised to see there was still product left in the can and I’m going to use it on special occasion as this stuff doesn’t budge once its on.

spray blush


I love finding old products, it really brings back memories and you can see how some products have evolved.


Have you found anything retro lately, let me know?