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Baby skin care can be a delicate matter. I have a 2 year old and an 8 month old and I use different products on both of them for their specific needs. A close friend of mine has also just had a baby and again she was given varied advice. Here are the products that have worked great on my little ones, but its always best to gauge what your child’s skin is like, and stop if there is any kind of reaction.

For my 8 month old, Im still using sun flower oil to moisturise his skin His skin is baby soft and beautiful, and he hasn’t had any issues with this. He has a bath every evening with his sister as part of his bed time routine, and for bath soaps I tend to use Johnson’s Bath time wash which has a soft lavender smell which is meant to help relax your child before bed.


baby bath

There are a few products in the range, there is a baby oil, lotion, powder and a cream. They all have the lovely scent but I tend to use this range on my 2 year old rather than my younger baby and only really use powder when I take them swimming.

My friend who has just had a little one is using the fragrance free, first touch range from Johnson’s. I sometimes get confused when brands say “from birth” then release another range for new borns? These are the same products but not scented and provide great moisture to the skin. Perfect for the most sensitive of skins.


new baby