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Now there are dupes, and there are dupes and Makeup Revolutions Iconic 1 Pallet is the most exact dupe I have seen in a long time and for a fraction of the price, and when I say a fraction, Naked palettes retail for £37 and the Revolution Palettes exclusive to Superdrug retail at £4… yes thats right.

So let me break this down, You may think that the quality difference would be huge, but it really isn’t. They blend well, have a good colour pay off and the shimmer shades don’t have much fall out. They look brighter with primers and are great on top of other shades.

Naked V r


Here are swatches for you to judge, can you tell the difference?  all the top fingers are the Naked 1 palette and the bottom finger Revolutions palette




The Ingredients – they both contain Talc and parabens and other similar ingredients and you get a similar amour of product, so this really is a win win pallet.

I love this palette and have also brought the iconic 3 as I want the Naked 3 but wasn’t sure if I would use the colours enough for the price but, If anything they are great to try out before investing in the more expensive pallets to see if you get on with the colours.


Superdrug: Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 – £4.00

Naked 1: www.urbandecay.co.uk – £37.00





  • Katy Ferenczy

    This is insane. I already own the naked palette but this would be perfect for a younger person with a lot less money as they would get the colours but without the branding.


    • Jihan-Annesa Turner

      I know, and their Iconic 2 & 3 are the same as Naked 2 & 3.