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I love L’Oreal foundations, mostly because of the spectrum of colours they have in the drugstores. I have never really explored the low end foundation market until recently, I have only ever used Bobbi Brown religiously for many years, YSL, MAC and NARS…  once when I hadn’t been on holiday for two years managed to get away with an Armarni foundation.


loreal foundations


I long for the day I will be able to walk into a department store in the UK and buy a Channel foundation… (come on people there are more than four shades of people in the UK), but for now when I need a alternative, L’Oreal are really doing it for me.

My favourites are here. True Match in the shade Capachino Doir, medium to full coverage and easy to build in problem areas, a little goes a long way. Nude Magique in Goldern Sand, an Armarni dupe.  It’s incredibly fluid like water and needs a good shake up before you use it. This is a shear cover but don’t be fooled it does cover. It feels wet but dries in a beautiful finish.  Lumi Magique colour Golden Sand, this is the laminating version of True Match. I didn’t really see too much of a difference to be honest, and it has a similar consistency to the original True Match. I used it with the Lumi primer, which I love and it made more of a difference. I only wish the colours where the same across the range of foundations, it would be so much easier to match.