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Healthy glowing skin is so gorgeous, and there are some wonderful products in the drugstore so you can recreate that JLo glow at home. it’s my favourite way to do my makeup in the summer, and I like to use elements of this, with different colours in the colder months. Ultimately it’s a healthy look to the skin, that suits all skin types and tones.


Bronzed glowing Makeup

I like to keep the base really light, even if I’m not having a good skin day I would rather pin point conceal with this kind of look. It’s about letting the skin show through and enhancing your best points. I like the L’oreal Nude Magique foundation. Its a fluid and feels just like water. You have to give it a good shake before you use it and it’s a really shear cover that can be built to a light medium finish. This has a just like skin finish, so its perfect for this kind of look. You could even mix in your favourite highlighter to give it an extra glow..

For eyes, I like the bronzy, wet look. The Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadows are perfect, as they set dry with a sheen and don’t budge. Great for greasy eyelids. You can also layer on a gold shadow for more impact, as it provides a base for other shadows to stick to. I’ve added the shadow stick by Rimmel to the mix, as its another quick application for a quick bronzed look. A gold liner is not as harsh as brown and can really open the eye. This one by ELF, although no long lasting, is a very flattering colour.

The two bronzers I have are the famous chocolate bronzer, and a Rimmel natural bronzer. Both relatively matte, without chunky glitters, buildable, and not muddy. Although I’m mixed race I love adding bronzer to my skin, it gives me a glow from within, and use it on my friends with deeper skin tones too. If you can find the right shade, bronzer can complement all skin tones. It can be difficult for darker tones to find drug store bronzers, but a great high end brand is Gurarlain.

Blush is again something neutral and peachy. I like Sahara by Sleek, it warms the face but doesn’t make it too red, and on the lips I like a new colour with a gold undertone. Chestnut works for my skin tone but I add a gold lipgloss over the top.

What are your favourite products for a glowing face? Let me know below.