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I have been getting my brows threaded for about 6 years now, always paying a max of £4.00. When I was living in Clapham, there were just a handful of places you could go to get threading done, and now they have popped up everywhere, department stores, Superdrug, pop up stalls in malls and they were all costing a max of £5.00.

I stopped getting it done about 7 months ago when I started to notice that they were getting thinner and thinner every time I was going. I didn’t feel I was being listened to by these women at all. So I started growing out my brows and only plucking out the essentials myself.

I had heard of Blink, and seen them in Selfridges a few time and thought why would anyone pay more than £5.00 to get your brows done? It wasn’t until I saw the vlog that Lily Pebbles and Anna had done that I decided to give this a go. I’m so glad I did.


You start by sitting in a comfortable reclining chair and the brow technician takes a look at your brows and tells you exactly what she thinks would be the best for your face, They are not into skinny or tadpole brows here, natural and groomed is what they want you to leave with.

I just loved the fact that she understood without me saying a word about what I was looking for. It was relatively pain free, took about 15 minutes and afterwards they give you a one minute massage across your brows and temples that felt incredible. I didn’t want to leave! She also rubbed rose water over my brows to calm the skin. It’s expensive and I won’t be going every two weeks, but I will be going there for shaping from now on. I’m finally happy with my brows and will recommend this to as many people as I can. Your brows really do frame your face so it’s important to get them right.

Services available across the UK – go to http://www.blinkbrowbar.com

*image from www.blinkbrowbar.com