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One of my first post was about my haircare routine and how I wasn’t going to use heat on it for at least 6 months. Well I did that (apart from my sons christening) and my hair did grow back thicker and in better condition. I’m going through that postnatal hair loss now, so I’m stepping up my haircare even more. I have updated it since may last post and added a few bits, and here they are.

Hair Update



I have tried 3 of the non sulphate range from L’oreal and I really like them all. They leave my hair soft and manageable and they smell yummy too. I have dry hair, really dry hair. It just won’t hold any moisture. This could be because its so damaged, hormones or my hair type, I have no idea but that’s my biggest problem, hence why I use so many oils in my hair. The conditioner is an injection of hydration for my hair, and I still wash 3 times a week and use shampoo once a month as a cleanse. This method has helped the dryness a lot, as long as I am disciplined with adding oils to my hair.

The Garnier 1 minute treatment smells like holidays, all coconutty and delicious. Coconut isn’t my favourite scent but this isn’t too strong and feels wonderful on my hair. I use this once a week and add coconut or grape seed oil to it. I leave it on for 5 – 10 mins though, and focus on the ends of my hair.

Lastly, while I have put the Garinier Treatment in i cover my scalp with the Lee Stafford Growth Treatment, It’s too early for me to say if this works as I have only been using it for 6 weeks and this is my second jar. This stuff is expensive for what you get. It suggests that you use an egg sized amount but if I did that I would need a new tub every 2 weeks. I massage this concentrating it just on my scalp for about three minutes and leaving it on for 5 to 10 minutes with the Garnier treatment.

My hair overall feels soft and smells great, giving it back some much needed elasticity. I’m going to continue with this and see how it goes, but if anyone has suggestions on how they deal with dry hair, please please let me know.

L’oreal – EverSleek Shampoo and Conditioner – Both £3.10 on offer in Boots was £6.20

Garnier 1 Minute Treatment  – £2.99 on offer in Boots was £4.49

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment – £7.99