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Hello there, now before you think I’m crazy and that I have endless time in the morning to use all these, I don’t! It depends what my skin is doing that morning. So let me break it down for you.

Morning Skin care

Cleansers – My Cleansers of choice at the moment are between Una Brennan’s firming non foaming gel Cleanser and Rose Hydrating Cleanser. The non foaming cleanser has a pleasant smell and looks like a typical gel face wash, but it leaves your skin feeling nourished and not tight. I hate that feeling when you can’t wait to get moisture back into your skin after washing. The rose hydration cream cleanser has a really strong rose scent, so if rose isn’t your thing than  you may not be a fan but that aside the smell doesn’t last and is worth it for the way it makes your skin feel. It’s mostouring without leaving a film across your face, and for me light enough to use in the summer months. I tend to use my Clinique Take The Day Off, and my Emma Hardy cleanser in winter months. I recently tested the Kiehel’s white clay daily face wash, and that is gorge! I think I’m gonna have to purchase the full size later.

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Toner – I have been using the L’oreal velvety soft Toner for about 6 weeks, I brought it to replace my La Roche Posey Serozinc, It’s okay, feels nice not drying but I’m not really sure if its added anything to my face and the way it looks. It’s inexpensive, smells nice and adds moisture to the skin. I then recently brought the Anti- age version, its smells so strong and a little old lady for me. Im gonna keep going as its only been a week, otherwise I might be passing this onto a friend.

Exfoliator – This is new for me as I would usually just add my serum next but I have gone back to these Clearasil pads. I used to use the blue version, but they brought out these Superfruits version and I really like them. The pads are quite rough so I don’t rub too hard, and I tend to hold it over a little longer on my problem areas. This can make your face feel a little dry, so using SPF if going outside is a must as it has salicylic acid in them, which can make your skin sensitive to the sun.

Serum – i’m not going to talk to much about this one as I have just done a post on this… Link on the right.

Moisturiser – this is probably the one that I switch round the most, as I have not yet found the perfect one. I use an oil on my dry days and seal it in with my moisturiser of choice. Some days I use just the oil, and sometimes just the cream, but I like the boost of the oil underneath as it rely gives me a glow. The rosehip oil I have been using of the last year has been the trilogy oil, and this has made a big difference to the scars on my face, making them a lot lighter, and my skin more even. I know some think its overrated but I really like it. I have on the other had tried a few Nivia creams, and made a mistake of trying this on the back of my hand rather than on my face, it felt gorgeous on my hand, it made them look so smooth, but on my face it doesn’t quite have the same effect. It is still moisturising, and I don’t see any real anti-age effects and it sits nicely under makeup so I’ve continued using it whilst on my quest for the perfect one. Any recommendations would be great!

It takes me about 15 minutes to do this if that, and I feel like in a busy day my putting on and taking off for the day is my little bit of me time.

Una Brennan Superfacialist  Firming brighting Cleanser – £5.33 on offer at Boots usually £7.99

Una Brennan Superfacialist Rose Hydrating Cleanser – £5.33 on offer at Boots usually £7.99

Clearasil Daily Clear Superfruits Refreshing Pads – £4.07 at Boots

Kiehl’s – Dark Spot Solution £36.00

L’oreal – Velvety Soft Toner £2.66 in Boots usually £3.99

L’oreal Anti- Age Toner – £4.99 at Boots

Nivia Cellular Day cream – £9.99 on offer at Boots Usually £14.99

Trilogy Rosehip Oil 20ml – £16.50