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I’m lucking to have never over plucked my eyebrows, but they have never been as full as I would like them to be. Along come Ta Da! Caster Oil. I was a little unsure when I was given this by my sister. It smells like tobacco, it’s thick and looks like and oily girls skin nightmare but its transformed my brows.

castor oil

I decided to regrow and reshape my brows recently and every night I have been taking a cotton bud (Q tip) dipping it into the oil and rubbing into my brows and over two weeks they have grown back and are noticeable thicker. Im going to continue with my brows for at least a month and get them threaded as a treat. Knowing what it can do for brows, I have started running a little in the base of my lashes, being really care not to get it in my eyes, and again they have grown faster and look fuller.

I have also started  using it in my hair in the place that’s looking thinner than others. I hope it works there too. But I must admit I can’t wait to get my brows groomed!