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I remember when I was about 12 going to the Body Shop factory on a school trip, and thinking this place is so cool. I loved it, the conveyor belts of plastic bottles like the Willy Wonka of bath products.. It was one of the first exposures I had to the cosmetics industry, (other than having an older sister!) and it also made me aware of animal testing.

I used to shop there all the time, I loved their brushes, shimmer cubes, fruity shower gels and lipsticks the most.  I thought their soaps in fruit shapes were fun and their lipbalms were the best. Then I just started to explore other brands as I got older, as you do and I forgot about the Body Shop.

Resently I have fallen back in love and think they  are really on top of their game, they have great sales and expanded the ranges loads. Here are a few of my favourite bits but I am becoming addicted and would love to know your recommendations too.