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Hello there,

In January I spent an hour straightening my hair only to step out and for it to poof up like Monica in Friends. So I thought, why do I even bother at this time of year, my hair is dry from air conditioning and not itself because of pregnancy hormones so it’s a good time to forget the heat and start nourishing my hair and keeping in natural.

I’ve been watching lots of video’s on YouTube, reading blogs and speaking to my sister, deciding what course I’m going to take, and I have decided on co-washing (washing hair with just conditioner) and shampooing once a week. Keeping my scalp clear of oils other than natural oils my body produces, deep conditioning every week, a protein treatment once every two weeks and keeping the ends, ears down moisturised.


Sounds a lot but Im going to do this and try not to use heat for 6 months and keep my hair in protective styles. I’m excited to see how this will work and will update you on my hair monthly, but enough is enough so lets see how it goes.

2 months in and I have seen a real improvement in the quality of my hair. It has spring again and it has grown a lot. Im going to try and continue with the “no heat” but I have a few events coming up so we will see.

if anyone has any extra tips please let me know.