/ Beauty

So I have been away for a while, the last time I blogged I was 34 weeks pregnant. Well our beautiful baby boy came on the 20th Febuary and we are all compleatly smitten. He is stunning and calm and so contented, just like his sister when she was a baby.

I couldn’t write for a while as I was so uncomfortable, sitting at a desk just wasn’t an option. I had such an easy birth first time, just gas and air…easy and no real pain. This time WOW a world of pain. It was faster but so much more intense. Goes to show every pregnancy really is diffirent.

I feel so happy that he is here, the feeling you get when you hold and see your child for the first time in indescribable. It really is a magical moment and I feel increadbly blessed to have experienced it twice, and to have a boy and girl. 

Is this it for our family… Who knows, at the moment I’m enjoying our beautiful new addition and our beautiful family.