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How clever is this little palette, its the perfect travel companion with its neutral eye palette on one side and a contour palette on the other. The Euphoria Palette has great quality eye shadows that are perfect for everyday, and can be smoked up for the evening, and the contour side is not too shimmery,…

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Like many others  I am a big lip addict. I’m willing to try most brands and these new lip creams and Lacquers I had to try. They looked like the could be a good dupe for the NYX lip creams, but easier to get hold of. From top to bottom Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in…

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I got very excited when I saw this palette come through on email. I love cream blush for my natural makeup and good skin days, and the fact that you get 8 colours to choose from for just £6 is just amazing. This is the All About Cream Blush Palette and as you can see the…

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Here is my week two update on the Body Coach system and it’s been an odd week. I have been really good, usually on other plans I would have Christmas day on site and be naughty a few days before, but this time I was really good and I found the will power to stick…

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Hello All Join me next week for a week of Makeup Revolutions. I will be looking at some of their latest releases and finishing off with a one brand tutorial.       Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.   xoxo

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I love makeup brushes, it’s something that I am willing to pay a high price for and I have been lucky enough to go to Japan and have custom made brushes made for me, but I’m curious and wanted to see what kind of quality I would get from buying on Ebay. These brushes were…

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A very quick post to say Merry Christmas I hope you have a fun, peaceful day surrounded by those that you love. My Beautiful Children, so much love.      

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Christmas, a time for family, rest and relaxation for all…wrong! Not if you’re the one in charge of the most important task of the day, the main event that everyone comes to your house for, no not trying to keep your Grandma away from the sherry but cooking the Christmas turkey. With the right planning…

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Sorry that this post is a day late, I have just been so busy getting things ready for Christmas but I wanted to give you my weekly update on how my plan is going. As I was already being careful with what I was eating, I haven’t found the diet part too difficult. What I…

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I linke to put my hair up in the Winter to protect the ends from the elements. One of you favourite up does is a basic plate across the front and tucking the ends into a long doughnut. You will need hair grips, a sausage shaped doughnut a comb and a brush.   1. Part…