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Hi there,

So I’m expecting my second child, and as many mothers whether it be your first or second child, I’m full of all the anticipation and of what a new baby brings.

I have a daughter who is now 16 months old, wow time goes fast! I am now expecting a baby boy, my very sweet Irish midwife tells me in Ireland they call this “a millionaires family” but for me whatever you’re blessed with, you will always feel this way.

Now I’m not fooling myself, having two children under two is going to be hard work, but I’m lucky to have support from friends and family around me and the new friends I made when going to classes and groups with my first child.

One thing I do feel wiser with is shopping and baby products. I was incredibly savvy the first time round. I had my best friend to advise me as she had a one year old at the time, and if you are a new mum the choice and range of junk… sorry products you can buy for a baby is so vast. Saying the word baby in a store, is like saying the word wedding to a planner, the choices are endless and the spending can get out of control.

I have put together my personal must haves for first time mums, and even second time round as there maybe some things you see that take your fancy. This can be found on Luvocracy and Pintrest.